Up & Away Multiple Passport Holder Review

Up and Away

As a travel blogger, I do get some interesting bits & bobs.  Some of it utterly useless (I don’t write about those) but some of it utterly BRILLIANT.  Case in point the Up & Away multiple passport holder. Ever since I started flying with kids, I have been lugging around several passport holders. It never even occurred to me that it would be sensible to find a multiple passport holder.  Luckily Up & Away found me and now I will never travel without it.

Up & Away is the brainchild of new mum Amy, who couldn’t find an existing product that would satisy her need to carry her family’s passports.  So this travel-loving mama set out to design and manufacture her own.

What does it look like?

The passport holder is beautifully crafted and fastens at the front.  Inside it opens up to 4 card pockets on the left and a bigger passport sized pocket on the right.  In the middle are 3 strings through which you can hang multiple passports.  There is also a large back compartment which can easily fit your boarding passes, currency etc.

You get the choice of 7 colours; pink, orange, yellow green, blue, purple and black.  Then you can choose one of 3 interiors.  I have a ‘Paris Pink’ with ‘Tres Gray’ interior which I adore although my sister loves her ‘Bali Blue’ with ‘Hot Spots’.

Should I get one?

Errr yes.  They are totally chic.  But more importantly they are an incredibly practical way of carrying your passports. Anyone who has sat there on a plane painstakingly filling completing arrival cards and fiddling about with photo pages on passports will love this passport holder!  

Navy passport holder

It was also easy to hand over to immigration officials, airline staff etc and they even seemed thankful that the string would open out on to the photo page.  Of course, there may be instances such as UK immigration where you are required to pull the passports out of the wallet but that’s really not that much of a hassle.

Remember, this multiple passport holder is not just for parents – even if you don’t have kids you might be lugging around passports for dual citizenship or carrying an old passport for visa reasons.

This would also make the perfect ‘new baby’ present. Not only is the product itself gorgeous but the packaging elegant too.

Up & Away Travel Wallet

How can I get one?

You can either shop through the website direct or contact Amy on hello@getupandaway.com

Passport holders are HKD $650 (incl. postage for HK).  They will post anywhere in the world.  You can also get a 10% discount by mentioning ‘JETLAGANDMAYHEM’.  Happy shopping!


  1. Mrs ATWWAH

    What a brilliant idea. Well done Amy for doing something about it too 🙂

  2. Lattemama

    This looks very cool – the passports are always lost inside a bottomless bag and filling in those immigration forms is a pain. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Amy

    Love this

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