ZFrame Lightweight 8-Wheel Suitcase Set Review

I just love luggage.  Soft-sided, cabin baggage, spinner wheels – the jargon is all music to my ears. Whilst I covet the hefty Louis Vuitton trunk (monogrammed, obviously), what actually turns me on is anything deemed lightweight.  Particularly as I’m usually found flying longhaul economy with restricted weight allowance, schlapping a shedload of stuff for my kids.  I recently had the chance to test out a collection from the UK’s ZFrame.  ZFrame claims to offer the UK’s lightest and strongest range of suitcases.  We put it to the test…

The spec

I received the ZFrame Black 8 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase Set of 18″, 22″ and 26″.  The cases are made of ‘ripstop parachute’ with an aluminium frame.

ZFrame Xray

How light are they really?

Indeed very light! The 18″ is 1.98kg, the 22″ is 2.4kg and the 26″ is 2.99kg.

How easy are they to pack?

Each case has a decent sized front external pocket.  At the top is a useful small pocket for valuables.

ZFrame 2

The 22″ and 26″ have storage on the inside pocket. The only thing I would change about this is to have a mesh compartment with a zip.

How easy are they to manoeuvre?

Each case has 8 spinning wheels which makes them very easy to manoeuvre through the airport and beyond.

The retractable handle feels sturdy with a comfortable rubber grip.

The 26″ and 22″ have a handle on the side, the 18″ cabin bag does not (perhaps to fit into cabin bag guidelines?) but this is actually a shame.


If you are still using old school 2 wheelers, you need to get on the 4 wheel bandwagon asap.  They make driving a suitcase so much easier.

The cabin bag should fit the strict baggage dimensions of the budget airlines.  The bigger bags are nice and lightweight meaning you can pack more in and still say within your weight limit.  

At GBP 210 for all 3 cases, the ZFrame collection offers good value for money.  Cases are available for purchase here.




Jetlag & Mayhem were sent the ZFrame suitcases for review.  I was not paid for this review and this is all own opinion.

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