Review of the Trunki BoostApak

I recently took my four year old to Hangzhou, China for a few days.  I knew that we had an hour-long taxi ride from the airport.  From experience, I also knew that driving/roads in China can be haphazard. How to allay my fears?  By bringing along a Trunki BoostaPak!


The BoostApak is a nifty contraption converting from a roomy backpack into a child’s booster seat.  Your child needs to be 4-11 years with a minimum weight of 15kg.

At four, my daughter is still too small to carry the BoostApak herself through the airport.  I used it for my hand luggage instead (yes it’s not the most stylish backpack around for an adult but it can carry an awful lot).

Trunki BoostApak

The great thing about the BoostApak is it is SO EASY TO USE.  After we had exited the airport and climbed into a taxi, it took less than a minute to turn it from backpack to booster and sit my daughter in comfortably.  I do recommend you have a play about with it at home first to make sure it’s at the right height settings.

The BoostApak has lots of bonuses; saving money on car seat hire, booster seat on a plane, flexibility for friends/family to chauffeur your child in their car.  Yep, this is another winning Trunki product that we will be taking on our future travels.

In Hong Kong, the BoostApak retails for HKD $499 and is available from Baby Central, Bumps to Babes, Tiny Footprints, Ourbaby and other independent retailers.


Jetlag & Mayhem was given a Trunki BoostApak for review by Bloom & Grow Asia.  I was not paid for this review and the opinion is all mine.


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  1. Lj Ferrara

    this is brilliant! I need one!

    1. Nicola

      Welcome to borrow mine any time LJ!

  2. mommyhoodhk

    My 3.5 year old is already 15kg…would you recommend that I get one for her or should I still wait til she’s 4?

    1. Nicola

      She’d probably be ok, my daughter first used it when she was under four years old. They are super useful

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