Toys to take on planes – The Magna Play review

I’m flying alone longhaul with the kids this weekend (oh the joy).  It suddenly reminded me that I have this ingenious and creative product to share with you, the Tiger Tribe Magna Play

The Magna Play comes in a small tin ‘suitcase’ which contains magnet pieces and a guide on how to put them together to make amazing shapes.  We had the ‘Creative Creatures’ set but there are other designs to choose from.

Magnaplay 2

When I first opened the tin I was wondering if my daughter might be disappointed as all the tin holds is the design guide and a sheet of magnet pieces.  However, I soon realised that actually this toy is AMAZING and genuinely one of the few things that has occupied my three year old for an hour.  This is a really great toy to take on a plane, train or even sitting around at home.  The tin is magnetic so your child can sit and arrange the pieces on it till their heart’s content.  Some advice – make sure you check you have all the pieces of the Magna Play before you pack it away, I fear we left an ‘ear’ on a flight!


Suitable for ages 3+, the Magna Play is HKD $279 and available in Hong Kong at Bumps to Babes, Dymocks, Metrobooks.


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Magna Play to review from Bloom & Grow Asia.  I was not paid for this review and this opinion is mine all mine.


  1. tania

    Looks like a great travel companion for little ones! Will see if I can find in Aus.

    1. Nicola

      T – Alice would love it! Tiger Tribe is an Oz brand so you’ll definitely find it, likely a lot cheaper than in HK!!

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