Travel Mattress for Planes – The SkyBaby Review

I am always on the lookout for products that will ease the trauma (haha) of flying with a baby.  SkyBaby has been developed by a UK company and is essentially a travel mattress that allows your baby to lie comfortably on your knee with a loop for the infant seatbelt.


Unfortunately my own kids at 15 mths and nearly 4 years old were too big to be testers but some jetsetting friends with babies offered to be guinea pigs.

Overall the product did get a thumbs up but has a limited shelf life depending on the size of your baby and how tall they are.  However, another plus of the SkyBaby is its use off the plane, for example taking it to restaurants, cafes etc.


Who:  Cherry & 3 month old son
Where:  Bangkok Airways flight (3 hr) from Hong Kong to Koh Samui (no bassinet)

The SkyBaby was easy and light to pack in our hand luggage – it rolls up neatly into a small carry bag.  So despite having a huge amount to haul on onboard with a baby and toddler in tow, we found it easy to take with us.  We also used it out and about when on holidays and found it small enough to pack in a nappy bag on day trips.

SkyBaby 3It was really useful for landing & take off as my baby was sleeping at the time, so we could just slip the seat belt around it and let him continue sleeping.  I also managed to breastfeed while he was lying on it.  It was less useful on the flight home when our baby was awake and wanted to be sitting up and alert.

The stewardesses on Bangkok Airways had no issue with us using this product.

I would recommend buying a SkyBaby for use from newborn to 4 months, especially if anticipate quite a bit of flying.  We have a particularly large baby for 3 months and so we probably wouldn’t use it again at this stage.

We also found it useful while out and about travelling – could pop baby down for a nap while at a cafe or restaurant.  Our baby suffered a bit from tummy discomfort so generally prefers to be lying on his side, and so the wraap design of the SkyBaby made this really cosy and comfortable for him.  Living in Hong Kong where the use of strollers is not so convenient, you could even use it for naps if you wanted to take baby out of the carrier e.g. while sitting at a cafe/restaurant/friend’s house etc.


Who:  Frankie & 4.5 month old daughter
Where:  Cathay Pacific flight (12 hrs) from London to Hong Kong (bassinet)

I wasn’t sure if it’s intended to be used instead of an infant seat belt but the Cathay flight attendants were pretty insistent I use an infant seat belt so I ended up putting it around the SkyBaby.  To begin with, I thought it could be quite useful, as my daughter who was four and a half months at the time could lie back and I had both arms and hands free.  But when we started taxi’ing across the runway, she got unsettled and started squirming and kept slipping down in the SkyBaby.  I kept trying to pull her back up but eventually she was crying so much I ended up taking her out of there altogether.  This may have just been a case of bad timing.

SkyBaby and AlexaI didn’t use the SkyBaby during the flight as my daughter slept in the Bassinet and thankfully we didn’t have any turbulence.  I tried it again during the descent and landing and it worked ok – no crying this time.  But overall I don’t think I would spend 32 pounds on this product.  I suspect my baby will have outgrown it by the time she is 10 months old and we will probably only fly with her 3 or 4 times which makes it quite expensive given the amount of use we would get out of it.  It also takes up quite a lot of space.  I struggled to get my hand luggage down to a manageable level and particularly if you’re travelling on your own with a baby.  That said, the SkyBaby bag has a clip on it designed to enable you to attach the product externally to something else e.g. nappy bag / hand luggage.


The SkyBaby retails for GBP 32 and will be available to purchase internationally from March 2013.  For UK orders email info@notrocketscienceltd.com

For more details on the product please go to http://sky-baby.co.uk/the-product/

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    I think someone should invent a roll up possibly inflatable mat for slightly older children to lie on across you.

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