Useful Travel Gadget! Multi-USB Charger

In this day & age when we are wired to the hilt, we travel with numerous electrical products.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve forgotten to bring my chargers.  Sometimes you’ll get lucky and a hotel will have a spare iphone charger.  Other times you’ll find yourself taking time out of your holiday to find an electronics store that might stock your camera charger.

So… do yourselves a favour and buy a Multi-USB charger!

This gadget eliminates the need to carry a separate manufacturer-suppled charger for each of your electronic gizmos ( iPads, iPods, iPhones, other phones, MP3 players, only some cameras, satnavs and other devices).

All you need is one multi-USB charger and cables to connect each gizmo to one of the USB ports on the charger (you probably have these cables already).  You can charge 2-4 gizmos simultaneously.

Various models of multi-charger are available.  They generally incorporate compact slide-on plug adapters for worldwide use. You must ensure that you are buying a charger which has 2 or preferably 4 USB ports.  You probably already have the USB charging cables stuffed in a cupboard somewhere.
These chargers are available from various specialised electronics outlets for around £10-£15.  For example:
Amazon (several suppliers) or the Wan Chai Computer Centre in Hong Kong (Golden Computers)
Here’s one from Portapow, available on Amazon here




Kensington makes this one available from Amazon here

Kensington USB charger
For similar products, search websites for ‘USB charger’ or ‘USB travel adapter’ or ‘travel usb wall charger’.  Make sure it has 2 or 4 USB ports (sockets) and plug adapters for worldwide use.


  1. Rhi Rhi

    Wow – never thought of this before – so obvious! Thanks Nic!

  2. Cheryl @ Kids On A Plane

    Never thought of this before – usually I only bring one charger with me and the phone and tablet have to take turns. Definitely will try to find something like this in Canada as my husband and I have 4 devices with us when we travel. We probably don’t need everything but we tend to not like sharing each others’ tech toys!

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