5 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Their Trip

Travel can be an amazing education. Make the most of it by involving your kids in the planning process and learning about your destination.  Here are 5 ways you can do this:

  1. Point out your destination on a map (or better yet, get them to find it!).  It’s great to show them your starting point so they can get a feel for the journey and how it all fits together on the globe.
    Daisy & China globe
  2. Get some local currency and have them compare coins and notes.
  3. Have them help with the itinerary. Give them some choice on what activities they can do (although ultimately pool will trump temple on most occasions).
  4. Teach them a few phrases in the local language – it’s good to have well-mannered kids no matter the dialect!
  5. Buy a disposable camera or a notebook so they can make their own scrapbook or album.  You should also bring pencils, glue or sellotape so they can stick in all their tickets, leaflets etc.
    Daisy's Chengdu Scrapbook

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