Haba Toys: Pick of Top 3 for Travel

I was recently at a party having a great time chatting with friends.  I suddenly thought to myself, ‘this is odd, why aren’t I running around after my kids.. what are they up to?!’.  I looked over and saw them all sitting in a corner, quietly playing with toys.  It turns out that one of the party guests was Lilian from Tic Tac Toe who sells Haba toys (a top German brand) in Hong Kong.  As Lilian explained, it’s so nice to find things to keep our kids amused that aren’t always iPad and iPhone related!  Given what a hit they were with my two munchkins, I asked her to share her top 3 favourite Haba toys that you could take away on your travels.

The following games come in tin cases that are ideal to bring along when travelling – they are small enough to fit into your handbag:

1.  Fish For Me!

Haba Fish For Me

Whoever has the biggest fish of the right colour clinging to their fishing rod will win this magnetic fishing competition.  It’s not just a lot of fun, but it can also stimulate a child’s fine motor skills.

Contents: 18 fish, a tin case, 1 dice, a fishing rod (dimension: 11 x 9 x 9cm)

HKD $158


2.  Caterpillar Dice – winner of German ‘Good Toy’ Award

Haba Caterpillar Dice

A colour matching dice game for 2-4 players.  Who will be the first to make his or her caterpillar complete?  Each player gets a caterpillar head and one piece of each colour.  The pieces for the body are put in the centre, the heads of the caterpillars are kept in front of each player.  One by one each player, in a clockwise direction, throws the dice once and joins a piece of the colour thrown to his or her caterpillar head (for example, if the dice shows red – add a red piece).  This is very simple for the first round.  From the second round onward it gets more tricky!

Contents: 4 caterpillar heads and coloured cardboard pieces (to form the body), 1 coloured dice (dimension: tin 10 x 6.5cm)

HKD $140


3.  Stack

Haba Stack

A classic piling game for 1-4 players.  Who has a steady hand and is the first to be able to place all their sticks on the back of the donkey?  Beware: nothing must fall off while piling up the sticks.

Dimensions: Tin x 6.5cm

HKD $123

All these tin cases remind me of my grandmother.  She used to put all her treasures e.g. special coins, photos in tin cases.  Hopefully these tin cased games will prove to be treasures for your children.

You can purchase these games online from http://www.tictactoe.com.hk (under Activity and Games) and pay by credit card with a small shipping fee (free if HKD$500 or more).  Or arrange pick up and cash on delivery by sending an email to lilian@tictactoe.com.hk or http://www.facebook.com/tictactoetoys

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